Stortorget i Lund, Sweden
En plats i klövern

Clemence’ square

LadyBird "PocketParked"
Corvus monedula
Lund University, Sweden
Crêpes in the sun in Lund

 Most people choose with nutella filling but I prefer lemon/sugar

Lund - over the rooftops
Birds in City Park Lund, Sweden
Half-timbered House in Lund, Sweden
Lund Cathedral

 The Cathedral is very popular sunny days. It’s the most popular place to visit for turists in Sweden too.

The Bumble Bee in The Spring Bed
Flowers and bees
Art in Park - Kiss to you
Street House in the City Center of Lund

Theme Day March – Where I belong. I belong – in a way – in Lund since I live here now and also studied here. But I was not born in Lund. I like to live in a University City – lots of young people from around the world. The top house is a Street House […]

Vårens Rosa klockor
Spring Tree Flowering
Lund - Art Shop
Featured Image -- 2932

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Street Art & Courthouse Lund Sweden
Citypark Lund

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